Lion Air B737-800


Dan: "Here's a Lion Air Boeing 737-800 repaint I did as requested by Mark Colibri. Happy flying!"

Boeing 727-200 Old British Airways Livery


Doggeh1: This is a repaint of Decaff's blank 727-200. It is my first attempt at repainting and took about 12 hours in total (but it was my first proper attempt!). It is based on the old British Airways ''Speedbird''' Livery and more specifically the ''Forest of Sherwood'' 727. Whether or not BA ever had a 727 I am not too sure of, since I have found a few photographs of them but they appear to have been leased or just a one off scheme.

Dusty from Disney Planes ver.1



jthomas105: A Sonex homebuilt kit plane. It's a little overly peppy and starts just a little bit off the ground. Here it is flying around Arizona. Not toooooo far from me.