Boeing 727-200 Old British Airways Livery


Doggeh1: This is a repaint of Decaff's blank 727-200. It is my first attempt at repainting and took about 12 hours in total (but it was my first proper attempt!). It is based on the old British Airways ''Speedbird''' Livery and more specifically the ''Forest of Sherwood'' 727. Whether or not BA ever had a 727 I am not too sure of, since I have found a few photographs of them but they appear to have been leased or just a one off scheme.

Dusty from Disney Planes ver.1



jthomas105: A Sonex homebuilt kit plane. It's a little overly peppy and starts just a little bit off the ground. Here it is flying around Arizona. Not toooooo far from me.

EX-50 Business Jet

Screen shot 2015-03-29 at 8.20.13 PM.png

"Decaff_42: I'm proud to release my EX-50 business jet, deigned by myself and my partner for our Aircraft Design class."

[Jun 6] NAS Pensacola Air Show (VNAF)


Thrush 510, 550, S2R


"CF-116: Hey guys, continuing on with the ag planes, heres a couple models i scratch built from the Thrush S2R and 510P maintenance manuals. Not sure if the handling is correct as im not a pilot, however the visual model and the cockpit are close to how they look in real life. The models are all blanks. The S2R has a Pratt and Whitney R-1340 radial engine, the 510 has the option of a few different Pratt and Whitney PT-6 series turboprop engines as well as the General Electric H80 engine, Finally the 550 is powered by the Pratt and Whitney PT-6. I work on these aircraft types (minus the 550) at work. I'm hoping to do a whole low res ag pack. Let me know what you think!"

Abel Jets Fleets


"Abel: Here you can download the released fleet pack right to our website and see the development of my airline's fleet updates."

Air Tractor AT-500


"Patrick31337: This is an original model I made based on the AT-500 crop duster that was buzzing my house one day. This is not a high-detail or high-quality model. It is my first serious attempt at making a model from scratch. The .dat was based off the stock P-51 file, with realistic numbers for power, speeds, and wing area."